• Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) used a number of different signatures and monograms. He often signed with a monogram that combined his initials, "H.T.L" within a circular shape. He sometimes included a modified version of his monogram when writing out his surname "Lautrec" so that the "H" and "T" and "L" were again combined.

  • His monogram was often printed in a bold red or orange, where his written signature would be in a darker color. In some cases, especially with his lithographs, his written signature and monogram were included together.

  • Toulouse-Lautrec sometimes made variations of his monogram, writing the letters differently, or placing his initials inside the silhouette of an elephant. Toulouse-Lautrec was also known to just use two initials "T.L.".

  • A signature enhances the value of a print and most artists signed their prints in pencil. These are two facts leading to signature forgeries.
    The signature is only a part of the authenticating process. Factors such as the size of the sheet, the type of paper, the appearance of watermarks and the quality of the impression all should also be evaluated.

  • "Equipage au Bosc" oil on paper laid down on canvas. Signed with monogram and dated '1881' on the lower right.

  • Oil on canvas. "Cheval attaché." Signed 'H.T. Lautrec' in the lower left. Painted circa 1881.

  • "Cuirassier à cheval, vu de dos." Painted in 1883. Oil on panel signed and dated 'HTLautrec 83' on the lower right.

  • La pierreuse Gabrielle. Pastel on sandpaper. Signed with the artist's monogram in the upper left. Executed in 1893.

  • L'abandon (Les deux amies. An oil on board signed 'HT Lautrec' (lower left). Painted in 1895 .

  • "Chevalier menant un cheval", dated '1880-1887. Watercolor over pencil on paper, signed with monogram on the lower right.

  • "Madame Marthe Mellot dans la Gitane" Pencil on buff paper signed with artist's monogram (lower right).

  • Example of the stamp marking "Le Café Concert', L'Estampe Original (H. Marty), Paris, 1893. Llithograph

  • En Quarante (Wittrock 32). 1893. A Lithograph signed with a red artists monogram..)

  • "La Troupe de Mademoiselle Eglantine" A lithograph in colors, on wove paper.

  • "Partie de Campagne". A lithograph in colours, on wove paper, with the artist's red signature stamp, numbered in pencil.

  • Artists stamp on a collection of song sheets. "Le petit trottin" et al . All lithographs on various papers.

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